A reformulation for the idea of utopia and a socialcritical analysis of the modern society

In the begin of the new free world a society was developed which name was capitalism. A ideal capitalism should be that every human can have a success with his own work. This was the american dream. A lot of firms were developed, new areas of science were founded.
We can thank the capitalism for the industrial age. A lot of humans had the ambition to be a part of the society and be an alpha in it. In the beginning this was a good plan, but later it had some weaks.

People, which wanted to have success, started like in a natural food chain to suppress other people to get more success.
Sure the politicans tried to avoid such grievances trough the model of the social market economy, but it exists until today.
Even worse we, the german people, and another people of the western world says: We are fine, because a poor guy in our country has better chances then a guy in Africa. We developed a national socialism in another and modern form. We consume things, what other humans in other countries product in very bad conditions. We want to consume a lot of things and use other people and other animals in other countries for it. We degraded humans of third world countries to cheap workforces. We did put animals into factories to allow everyone to eat and buy meat cheap.

I come to the conclusion: If we want to change the society, we have to change our own consume.

Of course there is the question: How can I change my consume? To shop at adidas, Nike, H&M, Streetwear etc. is totally normal today. A lot of humans got a stinginess is cool mentality. But if you go into a shop, then watch to things that have been produced by hand. Calculate if this thing can be produced for 8,50€ per hour and ask yourself: “If I want to product it, how many time I will need for? Can I sell this product for the same price with an earning of 8,50€ per hour?” The answer is clearly no! Everytime if you buy a cheap product, then you are responsible for the grievances in another place! You support the exploitation of animals and workers. If you want to change your consume, then you have to buy clothes, food and other products from fair trades. You cant even buy a mobile phone without the knowledge if it was produced fair.

I know or myself this is hard. But we use to buy cheap things and if we dont need them we throw them away. A jacket equal to the value of the creation process should been wear for 10 years. Can you remember when you worn a jacket for 10 years? Or did you buy a new jacket all two or three years? Be honest with yourself to this question.

Surely it isn’t enough to talk about the consume. But the consume counts a lot… The consume cres for that people with a lot of money earn a lot of money. Beginning with the chef of a firm to corrupt politician in a third world country, who is a merc of the western world in the reality.

If you dont believe me then ask yourself about the time earlier… Maybe you got an older family member, who lived in the time after the second world war, who knows the start of the world trades. I used to talk with a lot of them: Earlier we had a time, where we used to repair things and not to throw them away.

Similar to animal products: It is incomprehensible for me, that we still eat animal products, because we can live without them. We abuse animals, because we want to got more and more animal products. To maximize their profits, chiefs of firms put animals into factorys, they slaught them when they are great enough in a children age, so that they have cheap costs. Also the bio-farming cant be free of cruelty. And the production of animals food is used be find in countries of the third world and shipped with a lot of damage for our world to here.
Here the profit counts only. Humans, Animal and our world isn’t important. Do you want to help humans, animals and our world? Then there is only one solution: Go vegan!

Feeling animals

What happened today? What happened in the time earlier? Why the humanity is such pervert today?

I do a step back in time to the beginning of being vegan living myself. My school did travel to berlin to a memorial for the holocaust. I started to get tears in my eyes. My question in this time was: Why can people be such cruelty? This was my reason to start with political activism: I blocked nazis, but this wasn’t all I experienced there.

I did thought about it is cool to be a vegetarian. I did known that animals die for and I believed in the illusion, that animals have a long life before they got slaughtered. So that humans, who used to eat meat, can live healthy. That was the story my parents told me. This story was told me by the advertisement everyday and was told of all other people in my area. But then I used to learn more about vegetarian and I found about the movie called earthling. I still got a trauma from what I saw there and I had to think a lot about it. My world did end there.

Did you see an animal in his eyes during it gets slaughtered? Imagine that there is a helpless child. A helpless child is looking to you with innocent eyes. It has a lot of trust in you, because you are greater and stronger, that you feed him with this, what it needs. It tries to talk to you in this way like it can talk to you. Short to say: A child is an innocent soul. We would never think about to slaughter a child and eat it. But the same is for animals, they subjugate to us in the hope that we can difference right to false and you can duke them like children. Animals and children got a equivalent intelligence. But still we slaughter a pig to eat it and let a children live. How terrible is that?
We do a lot of it… we forces animals to a human order, which is terrible for them daily. A children, who has to watch it, knows that this is injustice. A animal sees this injustice, too. It gets into fear and tries to escape like it can. In the end it yields or gets a trauma. For example chicken gets their beaks shorten in the chicken farming, because they attack each other. In the pig farming the pigs eat each others tails and ears. This isn’t normal!

We condemn the holocaust and have our own holocaust for the animals. We did develop the perfect mass destruction camp for animals. Hitler would be thankful for this invention and use this for the jews. This are drastic words, but I hope you think about it.

We vegan living people got to fight with psychologic problems often, because we feel empathy for animals, we don’t want to accept this injustice and experience it everyday. Sometimes we want to shout our fury out, sometimes we want to get out of this planet and this pervert civilization and living in an own society. If you are active in the world peace movement or in a vegan or another left movement, then you can hear one name: Utopia.


A lot of people understand with “Utopia” the novel of Thomas Morus. Thomas Morus did write about an alternative society similar to the aborigines in Australia. His novel is a sharp critic to the english society in his time too. He did demand to abolish the death punishes.
You can read about the idea to abolish the uniform currency and private property. Thomas Morus thinks that a currency and private property is responsible for greed. If you know the aborigines, then you know that property was foreign for them. All things belongs to the nature and what they did take from the nature they shared in their tribe.
I want to quote Thomas Morus here:

“Though, to speak my real sentiments, I must freely own that as long as there is any property, and while money is the standard of all other things, I cannot think that a nation can be governed either justly or happily: not justly, because the best things will fall to the share of the worst men; nor happily, because all things will be divided among a few (and even these are not in all respects happy), the rest being left to be absolutely miserable… when, I say, I balance all these things in my toughts, I grow more favourable to Plato, and do not wonder that he resolved not to make any laws for such as would not submit to a community of all things.”

Surely you can disagree with the imagine of Thomas Morus. But you can continue his idea too. A lot of artists, authors and politicans do that. Also Karl Marx did try to create an alternative society, which has the aim to abolish private property. We know to do that with violence wasn’t successful in the past. You can’t force the humans to live in a society without conviction. But we get into a world we can’t imagine in our baddest dreams. We know what will happen in the future. Maybe the one more and the one less. The aborigines had the advantage, that they grew up their children with their ideology. They didn’t got a lot of dissenter and they could live with the nature in harmony until the English people came in their country.
On the other hand we doesn’t know another society then the capitalism, we have to orientate new. We must learn to develop harmony with the nature. We must learn about the value of life, what humanity means. We can win all, if we use words and not weapons for our wars. That is the world I want to live in and I hope it will happen soon. I think with car-sharing, a sharing economy, with a crowing number of vegans and vegetarians in the time today we are on a good way. We have to care for that more humans will share our ideology. At the end we can win all and not loose.

German version you can find here: https://vegan-utopia.de/2018/03/07/eine-neuformulierung-von-utopias-idee-und-eine-sozialkritische-analyse-der-modernen-gesellschaft/

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